What Color Car Do You Drive? What Does That Say About You?


Cars safety ratings

We have all heard the car color statistics. Red cars get more tickets. Black cars get the dirtiest. Rainbow colors fit the most clowns in them. But are any of them true? Does car color change anything at all? Aside from anecdotal evidence, it is often difficult to find straight facts on the matter. Luckily, we have collected the facts about car color statistics scattered across the web, and thrown them together below.

  • Accidents
  • Car crash facts have it pretty straight forward. The darker the car, the more prone to getting into an accident it is. It deals with what is referred to as a low visibility index. Black, obviously, is the worst. But any of the dark greys, blues, or even greens can prove more dangerous than their lighter counterparts. In direct correlation, the best in car safety is the lighter side of the index. Yellows, bright reds, whites, lighter blues, and the best is actually silver.

  • Robberies
  • In terms of stolen car statistics, the most commonly stolen car colors are blue, black, grey, and silver, thanks to a study done at the University of Tilburg. These colors are the most common stolen cars, because they are the most common bought colors. Leaving the greens, reds, pinks, yellows, and oranges safer.

    Is it just because there are more of these colors on the streets that it seems that they are stolen more often? Or are the car thieves making a conscious effort to steal these colors? The study crunched the numbers and found that they were intentionally going for those colors, it is not just because of a higher volume to steal from.

    So do they steal them because they are less garish and blend in easier so they do not get caught? It is harder to spot a stolen grey car than it is to spot a lime green car? Nope. They found that the thieves actually focused on the more common colors because of resale value.

  • Tickets
  • Here it is. The moment you have been waiting for. No. The color of your car does not affect how many speeding tickets you get. Tickets are handed out if you exceed the speed limit, of course. That being said, most sports cars on the road now are red. And which car is more likely to speed, a blue Prius, or a red Mustang? You decide the correlation.

There you have it. All of the car color statistics that you could ever want. So correct your friends the next time that they pretend to know what they are talking about. And you can make a better informed decision the next time you buy a new car. Keep those car safety facts in mind before you buy.

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