Buying an Anniversary Ring


Whether it glimmers in the sunlight on your drive to work or is slipped right back on after you wash your hands, engagement rings and wedding bands are daily reminders of joyous moments of love. It only makes sense to celebrate your continuous commitment to lifelong love with a similar exchange: anniversary bands.

There are no set rules on giving anniversary jewelry, meaning you’re free to gift your partner an anniversary ring or other jewelry whenever you feel like it.

Because giving an anniversary ring after every year of marriage can quickly become impractical, most couples opt to celebrate their major anniversaries with jewelry, like with a 20 year anniversary ring.

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Each anniversary is associated with a different type of metal or gemstone, from gold and silver to pearls, sapphires and other gemstones. For example, 10 year wedding anniversary rings usually include diamonds and 20th anniversary rings often involve emeralds.

For 1 year anniversary rings, it’s traditional to exchange gold jewelry. Most couples opt for a simple gold stacking ring, or a matching set for him and her. The suggested gemstone for your 5 year anniversary ring is sapphire.

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