How Collision Centers Save Your Wrecked Car


According to this video from Cars Insider, there are about 6.5 million car accidents per year in the United States. When your car’s frame gets crunched, you’re not likely to fix it yourself. Can you restore your own paint? Can you cover up those scratches? When you visit a collision center, you’re visiting a place that’s well equipped to handle car troubles of any size — big or small.

The frame machine, which clamps your car and lifts it into the air, is used to reform the frame of your car into the correct shape.

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There is a digital measuring system that will tell the mechanics exactly where the damage is; that way each part can be adjusted to the correct spot based on the manufacturing details. Pulling out the damage requires a close eye, and is to be done slowly and carefully. For smaller dents, a flatliner can be used instead. It’s a handheld device that is much less dangerous.

Afterwards, the dent will still need to be smoothed. A substance called Bondo helps with this; it’s a quick-drying paste that can be sanded down. With the use of Bondo, your car can be returned almost exactly to its original shape.

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