How Do Auto Body Shops Match Paint?


A car’s body is composed of various metal parts. These metals come in different shades and colors, making it difficult to match the paint when repairing damage. Auto body shops use special techniques to match paints closer than ever before. The question is, how do auto body shops match paint? Here are some ways that an auto body shop may use to match paint on your auto body parts:

Taking Online Orders

There are various things you should know about how auto body shops match paint. One of them is that auto body shops often send out their orders for paint matching via computer formats like email or online forms. The order goes to a research department to take the car’s VIN (vehicle identification number) and search databases. All factory colors are listed by year, make, model, and trim level. Within minutes, the proper color information arrives at the shop via email (or sometimes fax).

If physical samples are sent to another location, the paint samples are often sent in small cans with screw-on lids. These small containers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to fit all manner of body panels and other parts that need matching, such as trunk lids, hoods, bumpers, or mirrors.

Auto body technicians usually use spray guns to apply the exact color to match the factory shade on any chosen part. This is done while comparing both to each other under strong lights at different angles for precise results.

Using Coaters

How do auto body shops match paint? Auto supplies have the paint and primer used by auto shops to match with computerized equipment called coaters. Coaters measure an object’s thickness and determine how much material needs to be applied when painting. Many can also precisely mix paints to the exact color desired. Coaters use an air-assisted process called air blending to apply paint without having to spray it.

Many auto body shops have laboratories where technicians can research special coating requests, particularly if the request concerns exotic paints with special UV resistance properties or metallic effects. These factories often develop their specific line of products. The coatings are usually dispensed via aerosol cans that come pre-loaded with all necessary materials.

Using Spectrophotometer

How do auto body shops match paint? Many automotive repair facilities use a spectrophotometer to measure and record the exact amount of reflected light to ensure color accuracy. These devices can be found in online stores as well as those specializing in automotive paints and supplies. Some even have optional attachments for photographing sample panels so technicians can easily document before and after conditions.

The reflection spectrum is displayed as different wavelengths or colors on the device’s screen, which allows comparison between two separate surfaces. Spectrophotometers provide high-resolution results within minutes resulting in exact matches every time. These tools save extensive research time and help technicians match paints much faster than ever before. It is one reason why auto body repairs can be more accurate and precise than ever before.

Opinion Comparing

If you keep wondering how autobody shops match paint besides using a spectrometer, you should know about comparing shades on the auto parts and the vehicle itself. However, not all auto body shops have access to a spectrophotometer and can still get great results without one.

The best way is simply by comparing the color on the car (or part) to that of an identically shaded object in their shop. This process sometimes requires several technicians to work together, comparing opinions and experience levels, which may cause delays.

If this is not possible, they may need to order samples from elsewhere. But wholesale stores supply enough materials for small repairs (such as scratches, auto glass repair, or door dings) at reasonable prices while offering low-volume discounts for larger jobs.

Use of Colorimetric Gun

Have you been thinking, how do auto body shops match paint? If yes, you should be aware that there are several alternatives to using a spectrophotometer when matching paint. Many technicians use a simpler device called a colorimetric gun to shoot the exact amount of color needed, measured by volume. The guns operate by heating metals inside the barrel until they vaporize.

Different inserts are available with chemicals that change colors when heated, causing sprays that will match many different shades, including metallic and solid paints. These devices can also be used for any required touch-ups on top of matching larger jobs. What is the purpose of these inserts?

Colorimetric guns range in price depending on the size and type of gun needed. Prices also vary from one professional or wholesale facility to another, so those who order larger quantities will usually find that they have to spend less money than those just getting started. Smaller shops may need to purchase color-coded inserts separately as well as a pump.

Use of Additives

Besides the ways mentioned above, how do auto body shops match paint? Through various additives, manufacturers can create metallic-like paints that sometimes require no additional work apart from a basic car wash after applying the material. These paints use extremely fine metal particles (normally aluminum) that reflect light in the same way common metallic paint does, which gives off an iridescent effect. They often come pre-thinned and ready for use with a spray gun making it easy for the auto painters.

Using a Sealant

How do auto body shops match paint? A solution to fading metallic paints is simply by painting them with a sealant that can be easily matched. It will restore the original appearance of the car part without having to repaint or redo previous workmanship since they are essential ‘one-step’ primers. Once dry, any aerosol paint from touch-up kits can be applied on top. Primer/sealant combos have been used in construction and mechanics for years because they simplify the process, so technicians do not have to worry about using multiple products at once, just one that does it all.

A word of caution: If you know little or nothing about how auto body shops match paint, be keen when buying these paints. When purchasing these types of paint, make sure you are buying them from a reputable source since many of these paints still do not match perfectly even with the use of additives.

Over the Phone

Are you having issues with your auto insurance, yet your car needs paint matching? How do auto body shops match paint? There is no need to rush out and buy equipment right away if your shop needs help matching colors for repairs or touch-ups. With the advent of technology, you can easily know what it takes to match your paint without visiting the auto store physically. Some companies can help match colors over the phone with staff who have worked in the industry for years.

Many technicians are satisfied by taking measurements on multiple parts of the car with different lighting conditions before sending out samples which are then examined by experienced color matches via email or telephone conversations. Even if they cannot come up with an exact match, they will at least be able to give you a good range to work with.

Additional Products

How do auto body shops match paint of your auto parts? Some companies offer additional products designed for wheel matching, window tinting, and interior upholstery. These can be an economical alternative to having your materials on hand and many of them, like the wheel spray paint, come prepackaged and ready to use. This has also made it easier to deal with car insurance companies to incur the cost of paint matching after a car accident or damage. With all these choices, it is no wonder why automotive technicians have become a very lucrative business in recent years.

Custom Painting

Have you been asking yourself, how do auto body shops match paint? If yes, you should know that there are still certain parts of cars requiring custom painting due to increased difficulty levels such as hoods, roofs, and trunks. In these cases, it is not always necessary to find the exact color match. Still, choosing a paint that closely resembles the original is important, so investing in specific equipment might be worth the cost.

Using Regular Latex House Paint

How do auto body shops match paint? Auto body shops use several different techniques to match paint while refinishing a car. Some of these methods are fairly easy for an amateur to accomplish, whereas other methods require training. One simple way to find the color of your car’s paint is by using regular latex house paint that closely matches the color you wish to repaint it.

Professional painters recommend that you prepare the surface before painting, as it can affect how well your new coat will adhere and last on the surface. Make sure you have sanded down any rust spots or dents or filled them with filler before applying new coats of paint.

You may need to experiment with multiple paints if your car has been painted in different colors throughout its life; this process is called color-matching. Some paint manufacturers offer a color guide in the form of a swatch book, which you can choose from to find a close match. You can also purchase paint samples from an auto parts store that sells touch-up paint in small jars.

The highest quality way to match your car’s original color is by taking a sample off the fender or door and bringing it into an automotive refinishing shop. They will be able to analyze the existing coats of paint on your car chemically and accurately determine its exact make and model, not just generally made like Ford or Chevy. Using this information, they will create custom-made paints that exactly match the color and type of coating used previously.

When looking at how do auto body shops match paint, there is an option for those seeking to save money. This option would be to consider your parts when choosing which paint company you want to order from. Do not be stressed out on paint matching because you are serving an auto loan or have little money. Many producers can mix custom colors on demand, sometimes at prices that are no more expensive than standard paint.

When looking for a shop or painter you can trust, one of the most important factors to consider is their track record and reputation. Nothing says more about an auto store’s credibility than good word of mouth from previous customers. Most reputable companies will also promote their work so take some time to check out any online reviews, Facebook pages, and customer portfolios they might have on hand.

Reviews and feedback do not always accurately portray how consumers felt, but it speaks volumes when there is consistency throughout the board. Suppose multiple customers who came in with similar jobs had positive experiences. In that case, the chances are that if you are happy as well, your vehicle should be returned to showroom quality afterward.

One of the most misunderstood processes in collision repairs is paint matching or color mapping. Body-matching provides accurate results because all cars within a single model year are painted using the same base coat of paint; each successive generation of that model has its own distinct shade added to it. It is a complex process that requires knowledge, skill, and experience to match colors correctly.

There are many variables involved in getting a proper color match on a vehicle, including the type of paint applied at the factory, age of the vehicle, weather conditions during application, type of material being painted, and original color code, to name a few. Two different vehicles cannot have the same color under all conditions, even from the same year and model. Achieving an exact match is not important anyway as it will vary depending upon lighting conditions at the time of viewing by the consumer anyway. Be keen when looking at a paint matching project if you have little or no expertise in how auto body shops match paint. This will enable you to get the best products and services for your auto paint matching.


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