The Lift Garage Successfully Helps to Keep Cars on the Road


If your car has broken down, the check engine light has come on, or you otherwise think that your car is in need of repair, you’ll want to find the right auto car mechanic to service your vehicle. Often, you’ll need to take your car to a lifting garage for service. Lift garages make it easy to work on cars. If you need to change tires, for example, it’s much easier to do when the car is lifted up. Likewise, you can easily work on the muffler, brakes, and certain other parts at a lifting garage. Fortunately, many auto brake repair shops and auto mechanic garages have lifts. Finding which lifts the garage to go to can be a bit tricky, however. Some shops offer better deals and services than other auto garages. With a specific make, say a BMW, you may want to go to a mechanic who specializes in BMW service. When searching for an auto body and repair shop near me, make sure you read customer reviews and the like. You’ll want to go to an auto car mechanic that offers excellent service. Also, make sure you check for auto brake specials and other deals by searching online.


For most people, aside from their home, the single biggest purchase and investment they will make is in their vehicle. Ensuring that your car truck or van is properly taken care of is critical to ensure that it runs well and remains a safe, efficient, and reliable mode of transportation. When your vehicle needs maintenance or repair work done it is time to find a reputable auto repair shop in the area. Doing a quick online internet search should bring up plenty of options for you to choose from when it comes to local auto body shops in the area.

Be sure to check out their services and rates and talk to friends and family members about who they recommend and who they suggest you avoid. You can find everything from local auto brake repair shops or dealers that specific in certain makes or models. No matter what your wants and needs are, you should be able to find an auto body shop in your area. And don’t forget that they often run deals and saving specials so be sure to ask about any new customer, tires and auto brake specials and other discounts!

Garages are a wonderful addition to any home and making sure your garage door is in good shape is a must. Garage door installation repair is a wonderful service that is going to help you keep your garage door working and help make sure that it is not going to malfunction. If you have issues like your garage door opener chain not moving, garage door opener does not close, or you just have garage door maintenance and repair, finding the right repair company.

The right garage door repairs can help you keep your garage door working longer; it can keep it functioning better and can help you to get the best overall garage door for you. Garage doors can be difficult to get working and if you are not able to figure out what is wrong with your garage door a professional company to work on your door is a must. Garage door repair can help your garage doors open better and can also help you make sure that you are taking care of smaller repairs before they do have to get a whole door replacement. Routine maintenance and routine care can make your garage door opener and garage door last longer.

Gas stations are very significant in our lives, especially if you own a motor vehicle. They are also conveniently located next to roads so that just in case your indicator shows that you are about to run out of gas, you can easily find one and refuel. Besides fueling the car, you can find other services at a fuel pump station like air compressors used to inflate tires, cleaning the windshield, and a convenience store. Most gas stations have their prices posted someplace visible on the station. If you are on the road and running out of gas, do a quick Google search of, ‘I need gas now,’ and your GPS will help you find nearby stations. Of course some service stations offer not only gas, but also car repairs and maintenance. In order to start your own station, all you really need is the property, equipment, and a way to get gas wholesale. But what if you also had a burning desire to do good?

Over 1.25 million people have died in car accidents annually, on average that’s 3,287 deaths per day. Car accidents also cause damage to vehicles that can be expensive such as repairing large car dents. An auto body repair shop would charge a lot of money for that type of repair. Thankfully, there are auto repair service shops that are looking out for people that are low income and cannot afford costly repairs whether from a car accident or not.

One such garage is The Lift Garage, which is a 501c3 non-profit organization. They focus on moving people out of homelessness and poverty by offering low-cost auto repair, free pre-purchase auto inspections, as well as truthful advice. The overall goal is to keep people safe on the road and help provide a more secure life.

The Lift Garage: Repairing Cars Is Repairing Lives

The Lift Garage is different from many auto repair service shops. Their motto is, “We’re changing the world one car at a time.” Sure, other repair shops have the goal of providing engine repair as well as many other types of car repairs at what they call affordable prices. However, The Lift Garage is truly focused on changing the world by offering Minnesotans an extremely affordable way to get their vehicles repaired and keep them safe on the road.

Since 2013, the Lift Garage has supported their community by meeting their pressing auto repair needs with the innovative idea of keeping fees low, which other auto repair service shops tend not to do. They do this by accepting donations and welcoming volunteers to assist in running the garage. The Lift Garage has become very successful over the years, so much so that there is now a six-month waiting period for appointments.

In many ways, the Lift Garage is a boon to their community. They make it possible for residents with low-income to operate their vehicles when they couldn’t rely on rideshare options or afford a trip to the local auto dealer. They also keep people from turning to a pawn shop when it comes to purchasing parts they couldn’t otherwise afford.

The Story of the Lift Garage

With a lack of experience concerning how to make auto repairs or run a garage, one Twin Cities social worker took the challenge of starting a non-profit auto repair business head-on. Cathy Heying started the Lift Garage with the sole purpose of fighting poverty by fixing cars. Today, her business is succeeding and making its mark among auto repair service shops.

Cathy worked exclusively with people that were experiencing homelessness. She saw first-hand how devastating the cost of car repairs was for them. It was a vicious cycle watching people lose a job because they could not afford car repairs. The cycle only worsened when the lack of a functioning vehicle would keep them from being able to pay for their housing and force them out on the streets or in a shelter, as well.

There was a two-fold problem. First, there was the lack of a car making people homeless or they were driving dangerous vehicles that desperately needed to be fixed. Oftentimes, Cathy witnessed Minnesotans living in their vehicles without heat or brakes during bleak winters.

Cathy Did Something About the Problem

Cathy was determined to do something about the problem. So, she went to school and earned a degree in auto technology. The Lift was soon opened after with volunteers and board members backing her. The garage started by operating one day a week with just a single repair bay. She only had one volunteer mechanic at the time.

Today, the Lift is an auto repair shop among auto repair service shops. With support from the community, the garage has expanded in size and offers more services. Now they have 5 repair bays and are capable of employing 5 full-time auto techs.

The Lift Is Extremely Lifting

Being among noteworthy auto repair service shops isn’t what the Lift is about. It’s about more than the literal lifts that the vehicles are perched upon. It’s about metaphorically lifting the lives of people when it comes to safety, security, and being lifted out of poverty. Over time, the Lift has served over 1,000 customers and has been able to save them $825,000 in repair costs.

Get Auto Repairs with a Focus on Making Cars Safe

The Lift Garage is a non-profit auto repair organization that focuses on helping people that are able to meet the 150% Federal Poverty Guideline. Their rates are very reasonable at $15 an hour in addition to the cost of parts that have not been marked up. They proudly serve every county in Minnesota, making them positively stand out among other local auto repair service shops.

Repairs Offered by the Lift Garage Include:

A Few Repairs They Do Not Offer Include:

  • Transmission Repairs
  • Air Conditioning
  • Significant Engine Repairs
  • Head Gaskets
  • Engine Rebuilds

Changing the World by Helping People in Need

Are you ready to help change the world by helping people? The Lift accepts donations from generous business owners whether you own an automotive motorsports shop, auto parts company, or any other type of business as well as people in and outside the local community. You can donate and help change the world a single vehicle at a time by supporting The Lift.

Donate and Make Car Repairs Possible

When you donate to The Lift, you are making it possible for them to continue to repair vehicles at 33% of the market rate for repairs, unlike most auto repair service shops. You can donate and secure lives by visiting their website and following user-friendly instructions. Every donation is tax-deductible in accordance with the full extent of the law.

There are specific ways to make donations outside of donating cash or much-needed vehicle parts. Consider making a monthly sustaining gift that enables the garage to budget effectively. One-time donations are always welcome no matter the amount, as well as donations that are employer matched. Would you like to make an in-kind donation? Those types of donations are always welcome too.

Make Wishes Come True by Donating:

  • Cleaning Supplies – Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Degreaser, Clorox Wipes
  • Liquid Hand Soap
  • Ground Coffee from Local Shops
  • Paper Towels
  • New File Folders
  • Gas Cards from $5 to $20 Increments
  • New Bulbs
  • Cases of New, Unopened Oil
  • Cases of New, Unopened Coolant
  • Cases of New, Unopened Transmission Fluid
  • New Wiper Blades
  • Individually Wrapped, Non-Perishable Snacks

Show Your Support with a Vehicle Donation

If you would like to support The Lift Garage in another way, donate RVs, motorcycles, cars, trucks, and even boats. Visit their website to learn how you can donate a vehicle and make arrangements to have it picked up without any cost to you. Most vehicle donations can be picked up in 24 to 72 hours and an initial vehicle donation receipt will be given. You could even qualify for a tax deduction.

The vehicle you donated will then be turned into cash that directly supports The Lift. After the auto is sold, you will be provided with the correct tax forms in time for filing. Friendly support representatives are available 7 days a week to help during the vehicle donation process. Supporting a cause near and dear to your heart makes it all worthwhile.

Express Services Are Available

Just like other auto repair service shops, The Lift offers express services. On Fridays, walk-in repairs are available from 10:00 am to noon and include windshield wiper replacements, exterior bulb replacements, and battery inspection and replacement. Express services are limited to just those services and do not include full-vehicle inspections.

Do You Need Assistance Purchasing a Car?

Purchasing a used vehicle can be tricky. It is always best to have the car inspected before you enter into a purchase agreement or pay for a vehicle. While The Lift cannot purchase a vehicle for you, they do offer pre-purchase inspections for free. A certified mechanic will inspect the vehicle for existing conditions. A repair estimate cannot be written based on this type of inspection. However, the inspection itself can assist you in making an informed purchase decision.

If you choose to purchase the vehicle, you can then schedule an inspection and repair appointment. There is usually a three-month wait for this type of inspection. It also helps to schedule a pre-purchase inspection so a technician is free to inspect the auto when you’re ready.

Mobile Inspections for Metro Counties

A mobile inspection is a pre-inspection offered by The Lift Garage before the vehicle has had an inspection repair appointment in the garage. This is not to be confused with a full inspection. This type of inspection is meant to inform customers concerning whether the vehicle can be repaired by The Lift before they pay the expense of a tow truck service.

Mobile Inspections from The Lift Are Best For:

  • Cars That Don’t Start
  • Cars That Don’t Run
  • Cars That Need to Be Towed
  • Cars with a Lot of Rust
  • Old Cars
  • Overheating Cars
  • Cars with Body or Accident Damage
  • Cars with Transmission Issues

The Point of The Lift Garage Is Outreach

Uplifting people out of poverty by taking care of vehicle repairs at low-cost and more-than-reasonable prices is at the heart of The Lift Garage. It’s about bringing the community together and partnering with other local businesses to strengthen this support network. Customers that truly need an affordable resource for car repairs are linked to those precise resources.

It takes strong core values of excellence with high standards in place for continuous improvement and learning. Respect, in recognition of dignity for all. An offering of one’s self in relation to kindness, forgiveness, patience, and openness. Equity is fostered through building and maintaining quality work via relationships with the community, employees, customers, and the environment. The Lift Garage is all of those things as well as being supportive of one another in order to build a better life.

Would You Like to Volunteer?

One of the main aspects that keeps The Lift Garage thriving is volunteers. The garage itself relies on volunteers that work in the office and shop. If you are interested in volunteer you could work in the office and become a hospitality assistant.

Tasks for those positions include welcoming customers and maintaining a clean lobby, checking voicemails, making calls to customers, assisting with paperwork, filing, auditing customer files, and addressing envelopes. You could also become a committee member that specializes in the areas of fundraising or finance. If you’re interested, let them know via their website.

It Takes an Uplifting Vision

The Lift Garage has plenty of vision that’s more than uplifting. Over the years it has become a thriving non-profit business. There are many stumbling blocks when it comes to finances when people are on the path to a bright future. The Lift Garage is doing everything they can for their community to offer low-cost auto repairs that make that path smoother.

Good Neighbors Support One Another

One of the main aspects that help The Lift succeed is the idea that being a good neighbor and supporting one another is integral to growth. Decisions are made that reflect what is best for everyone involved and what is ideal for the community. Furthermore, those decisions also are integral when considering the health of the planet.

You can expect to get service that goes the extra mile from The Lift Garage. Even if a certain vehicle repair is too big, they understand their customers have an important need. They work hard to connect their customers with other helpful resources within the community such as other auto repair service shops so they can get the vehicle repairs they truly require.

The Lift repairs more than just vehicles which sets them apart from typical auto repair service shops. They repair lives and give people a fighting chance at making their lives better. Hope is restored one auto repair at a time. The team at The Lift Garage assists people in their community to safely travel to and from their homes, jobs, and school. It’s more than rewarding, it’s an integral step in moving forward toward a secure future.


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