Three Reasons Car Crash Videos Could Be Helpful


Car crash videos on youtube

Most people would automatically assume that in order to want to watch car crash videos on YouTube, one would have to be seriously sick in the head. The fact of the matter is that certain car crash videos on YouTube could actually serve several important purposes. In order to understand why, first it is important to identify the different types of YouTube car crash videos that one could find in a single search.

The first category of car crash videos on YouTube that people might see are those that people post just to be funny. This of course, is not what people are talking about when people say helpful. However, one kind of video that could be very helpful are dash cam videos.

Dash cam car crash videos on YouTube could help those who are trying to dispute something that took place in their accident. They may feel that the police report unfairly blames them, or that their insurance company is not giving them the amount they feel they deserve. A dash cam video shows the accident from the point of view of the driver. Many of these are used to show that someone was trying to scam the driver and their insurance company for a quick settlement.

Another kind of car crash videos on YouTube that could be helpful are those that are caught or taken on the cellphone of a passerby. Despite the initial reactions of some that the person has a bit of a sadistic voyeur side to them, in reality these videos have been used for the same purposes as dash cam videos in a court of law. A cellphone video is like a witness testimony that cannot be faked. These car crash videos on YouTube often can catch more than a dash cam video can, and could mean the difference between an injured driver getting jail time or a settlement.

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