Understanding the Different Types of Tow Trucks


There are several reasons why you might need to know about the different types of towing trucks and what they offer. Knowing the advantages and uses of each tow truck will help you pick the right vehicle in your moment of need.

A rollback, or flatbed truck, has an empty bed that is shifted up and down with hydraulics. Vehicles are driven up onto the flatbed or dragged with a chain if the car is broken down.

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These trucks are often used during accidents and are a secure way to transport vehicles. Integrative tow trucks haul large vehicles, such as buses or rugs. They are equipped to endure heavy weights during transportation.

Hook and chain trucks are used to drag abandoned or broken down vehicles, and because of the rough transportation method, it is typically used only for highly damaged cars. Finally, there is a wheel lift tow truck, which raises the vehicle so the front tires are lifted into the air, with the back tires on the ground, lifted in a way that does not harm the car like hook and chain trucks.

Understanding your options when calling a tow truck company can help you make already stressful situations, like car accidents, easier. Eliminate the uncertainty of how you will take care of your vehicle by knowing which tow truck to choose.


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