A Guide on Law Advice From a DUI Lawyer


Have you ever been charged with a DUI offense? As for a DUI lawyer, a DUI arrest does not mean you are being convicted.

In this video, you will learn tips on how to beat a DUI charge and prevent life-changing penalties.

* Bad Driving does Not Automatically Mean DUI Offense

You may be able to beat DUI charges when you prove that driving poorly or erratically is not grounds for a DUI offense.

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As long as you are not driving under the influence, then you are safe.

* Symptoms of Intoxication are not DUI

Another effective way to fight DUI charges is challenging the prosecution’s use of the physical symptoms of intoxication that will argue that you are “under the influence”. In fact, physical appearance plays an important role in DUI investigations. But even if your appearance seems like you are under the influence, the DUI lawyer may address that you are “innocent”.

* Sobriety Tests are not Always Accurate

The results of your sobriety tests may challenge you as part of the DUI strategy. DUI defense usually relies on the DUI prosecution team.

* Mouth Alcohol May Lead to Falsely Results

You may also defend having false BAC results that are high. In fact, before you will undergo a DUI breath test, the officer must continue to observe you for about 15 minutes.


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