What Does a Car Insurance Agent Do?


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A car insurance agent may not seem like they have the most glamorous or exciting life, but they actually do some interesting things. If you’re thinking of becoming an auto insurance agent, click on the video above.

Typically, insurance agents work nine to five., or normal eight-hour shifts. It may be a good idea to work later, as people who are going to be calling the insurance agents are also working nine to five and cannot call until maybe 6:30 pm or later.

It’s important to prioritize your day early if you want to be successful. Coming in right when the day starts and spending an hour checking your email or watching YouTube clips will put you behind the eight ball. It’s best to come in a half an hour early and get the administrative stuff done first so you can focus on hitting your sales goals.

Prepare to talk a lot on the phone. You may get leads from your managers, however, this isn’t assured and can vary from office to office. You have to be persistent to deal with tons of voicemails before you get someone who you can actually talk to.

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